Sunday, 15 July 2012

Trophy dog

I don't have a trophy boyfriend (or at least not one I'll admit to when I know my OH is reading), but I do now have a trophy dog.  This is the culmination of a small project I started two years ago: to crochet an amigarumi version of our terrier.  I lost impetus quite quickly and so the head has been sitting in my crochet box all that time.  The pattern was an adapted version of this from Reliquary Arts, including the addition of the beard which was created by velvet stitch in crochet wool, and some characterful lopsidedness.

I figured I was never going to get around to crocheting a body to fit the head and so the idea of a miniature trophy terrier was born.  The head was mounted on a piece of wood veneer (I pierced tiny holes and sewed through) and then backed it with a magnet (by removing the top layers of a marketing magnet and superglueing it to the wood). 

It's going to hang on the fridge door as a threat about what will happen if the dog chases one more fox ...