Monday, 11 July 2011


This project was an idea from my OH: he asked his niece and nephew to draw some fish, and then we chose a couple to embroider. 

Yes, I did say 'we': it was his first foray into the world of embroidery.  He did confess that the best part was seeing it finished, so not sure he's a convert yet, but we shall see.

The one above I've nicknamed 'skeleton fish', and I think the second one has a bad cause of some contagious vomiting disease, but am really pleased with how they turned out. 

They were surprisingly quick to produce (probably helped by the liberal use of bondaweb), and were completed in a couple of evenings.  Skeleton fish has bullion knot bones, a buttonhole stitch wrapped eye and detached chain embellishment; vomiting fish has french knot spots, a bullion knot tongue and satin stitch teeth. 

I may suggest this as a future project for my local Young Embroiderers - we could have a whole ocean full.


  1. Great stitching team SpikyTitchy.
    Vomiting fish is particularly expressive, I think Young Embroiderers would love it and they'd look great en masse

  2. Sadly we can not take much credit for them, as they were drawn and coloured by niece and nephew as Titchy says. But is was fun doing them, and who knows I may even be working on a third of my own design to go with them.