Thursday, 20 October 2011


Trellis stitch with French knots

For the last two weeks, I've been learning the basics of Crewel work.  It is named for the wool it is stitched in (Crewel wool) which is a 2-ply wool, and for stitching to be properly considered Crewel, it should be stitched on linen. 

Trellis stitch with satin stitch fill

I'd always thought that it was quite a chunky style of stitching, but as I am now fully aware, it's quite the opposite: some of the stitches are meant to be 2 or 3 mm long.  This presents quite a challenge when photographing: stitches which have been given the OK by my tutor, when photographed and blown up on screen look much less impressive.
Raised chain band

Guess it's back to the embroidery frame for some more practice.


  1. you are too self-critical, looks pretty perfect to me and yr French knots are textbook

  2. I like the lattice styles, they appeal to my love of structure.