Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ceramic inspiration

I went to Ceramic Art London at the weekend which was really interesting.  A wide variety of ceramics, some functional, some weird and wonderful and a lot of them inspiring. 
grey orange jars
Photo from:

The friends I went with were unanimous in our liking of James and Tilla Waters' work.  I love the muted blue grey east coast seascape feel, which is put into beautiful relief by the bright orange.

I've been playing with fluorescent orange quite a bit recently, and so their ceramics inspired this sample - not sure I'd have thought of putting these colours together previously, but I do like them and it's definitely something I want to pursue.


  1. They are very nice, and goes well with your colour scheme for the silk shading! I look forward to seeing it all develop.

  2. Great colours. I like your piece, but can't grasp the scale, is it a coarse linen and stitches a few mm long? either way a nice change from that pesky silk shading

  3. It's quite a coarse linen - the stitching is about 8cm across.