Thursday, 24 May 2012

Slippers for a queen

Been busy busy with this year's final college project: to design slippers for a queen. I wasn't overjoyed with the brief (far too girlie for me) but thankfully it was a group project and one of my course-mates had come up with the idea of slippers for a drag queen.

It's ended up being far more conceptual (thankfully, as my slipper-making skills are non-existent), and we created a whole drag queen persona.

She's called Diamond Juli (for obvious topical reasons) and her act is a tribute to the the current queen, and her 1950s dress designer, Norman Hartnell.

Feather and beads

Coin with silk shading, metallic thread and beads

Heated and moulded sequins

The idea was that the embroidery would be a mix of Hartnell's couture exquisiteness and the over-the-top tackiness of drag. The jewellery/makeup box was designed to present the samples in a way which expressed the kitsch elements of Diamond Juli's persona. 

Thanks to Hanny and Mookie for a fun couple of weeks.

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