Wednesday, 25 August 2010


What else can you call a caterpillar, other than 'Munch'?  This was the first amigurumi which I made up from scratch (rather than seeing something posted online and developing it from there).  I do have to give credit for the idea to OH who, for some unknown reason, requested a caterpillar.

Amigurumi are an odd concept, and other than the tiny neatness, can't explain why I like them (and some I don't like at all, falling on the wrong side of the kitsch line).  There is a definite challenge in making something as small as possible, (this blog isn't 'Titchy Stitcher' for nothing) but that can get obsessive, so I'm trying to restrain myself.

If anyone wants the pattern for this, let me know (it's written in relatively non-code speak, as I'm a novice crochet person).


  1. Hi! I was looking for a caterpillar crochet pattern and came across your Munch... what a sweet little amigurumi! Would it be possible to have the pattern for it???

  2. Hi - love Munch - perfect size - my daughter is a grade one teacher and her fav book is hungry hungry caterpillar - so now she is having her first baby and she has requested books instead of cards for the baby - so I got her a baby size version of her fav book and would love to add a amigurumi caterpillar - so may I please have the pattern - big thank you for your time -