Sunday, 24 April 2011


This is the motif for an Easter card - am really pleased with it, as it's an infrequent foray into cross-stitch.  I normally prefer unstructured embroidery with it's freehand meandering, but I wanted something more traditional for this design. 

The main part of the cross is (apparently) called Jacobean couching, or trellis couching - the flecks of gold between the crosses are tiny couching stitches.  It's a new stitch to me, and not in any of my books but really like the effect.  The ends of the cross are just normal cross stitch and the flowers are lazy daisy with a bead centre.  Some scattered french knots and a ribbon of back stitch finish it off.  I only had cream Aida fabric, so used a piece of sheer fabric over the top to give some colour - once pinned in place this was surprisingly easy to stitch through.

I hope you're having a happy, restful Easter

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