Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Make-up bag

To fulfill a birthday promise to a friend, I've just finished a make-up bag.  The request was for one big enough for mascara and a compact, but small enough to fit into an evening bag, so hope this fits the bill.

The fabric is unfortunately viscose, as I really like the pattern and had it been something a bit more tactile I'd have been tempted to buy a load of it to make a dress.  Probably just as well, though, as the fabric mountain in the spare room is too big already.


  1. Very nice - I especially like the lining. What fabric mountain?

  2. The fabric mountain consists of lots of metre lengths which I've bought intending to make into a skirt/blouse/random garment but haven't yet even made it into UFOs. It's truly geological as it's evolved over various eras and I'm sure if a cross-section were taken it would reflect those eras.

    The orange was a 'wall project' reject - really like it but it is super-bright and overwhelmed the other fabrics.