Thursday, 30 September 2010

A is for apple

The final piece of work for a recent embroidery course was to produce an illuminated capital, which I enjoyed designing as much if not more than the stitching.  I've always liked books where the initial letter of a chapter is beautifully illustrated so I spent a lot of time on Google images looking at pictures of medieval manuscripts, and decided to keep to the strict meaning of 'illuminated
capital' by including gold in my design.   I would later curse that decision: sewing french knots in metallic thread is not recommended, and apparently to get a similar effect most people use beads.  I ended up with a combination of both and can testify that the beads are def a lot easier.

Rather than doing my own initial (which would just end up in a box in the loft being jumped on by squirrels), I've made this for my mum's birthday.  I imagine that most people after multiple decades as a parent don't expect home-made presents, but thankfully my mum is not only used to them (she's a frequent recipient of my craft output), she professes to liking them.

So A is not for apple, as my mum predates 'celebrity' names by a couple of generations, but both the making and the giving is keeping me in touch with my inner child.

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