Friday, 17 September 2010

Octopus Mark II

This blog isn't called Titchy Stitcher for nothing - my OH has been challenging me for some time to crochet a smaller amigurumi octopus than this one which I posted last month.  So, having resisted the pressure for some time (largely because I didn't think I'd manage it and just go cross-eyed trying), I succumbed.  And, just this once, I'll admit he had a point.  This is the result, and I can't quite believe how small it is (penny included for scale).  Although stitching it was definitely hard on the eyes, even in a pale colour, lit by gorgeous Greek holiday sunshine. 

The thread I used was 30 count crochet cotton with a 1.25mm crochet hook (bigger than the 0.75mm recommended but the smallest I had).  OH is still on the campaign for ever smaller amigurumi - in John Lewis today he was v.impressed that they sell crochet hooks as small as 0.6mm and so insisted that I buy every small size which I don't already have.  I'll have to teach him how to crochet as I'm not intending on using them.

The irony of having managed a tiny octopus is that I created it as part of an ongoing project (more of that another time) and now that it's finished I think it's too small for what I wanted.  I'm blaming OH ...


  1. I like it! but not as much as the orange one, what's the mystery small-object WIP?

  2. It's a 3-D treasure chest - local Embroiders' Guild next exhibition is 'Heavy Metal' and have been wanting to do something piratical for a while, so thought I'd combine the two. Plan is for the chest to be adorned with creatures and seaweed, hence the octopus.

    Although listening to History of the World in 100 Objects about pieces of eight has spoilt things slightly as that was going to be my title, but apparently pieces of eight were silver not gold. Another illusion dashed.