Sunday, 26 September 2010

Smash and grab

It's piñata time again - OH and I have made several piñatas over the last few years for his niece's and nephew's birthdays.  This year we have a pot-bellied penguin (although I seem to have found a camera angle which down-plays the rotundness - not quite sure why I can only manage that on papier-maché, rather than human bellies).

Am v.pleased with this one, although the proof of the piñata is always in the smashing, or more accurately, whether the string holding the piñata up stays intact long enough for a horde of children to bash their way through the papier-maché.  It does seem slightly ridiculous to spend several hours constructing something which is going to be smashed to pieces in a matter of minutes, but I love creating something which goes out on a high.


  1. Unfortunately one of the feet was the first part to fall, although the other survived. Eldest nephew requested the decapitated head but the remainder of Pot-Belly is still in our kitchen, foot still attached.