Monday, 25 October 2010

Caster plast

For reasons which I'll explain in a minute, OH and I spent an hour or so this afternoon making a plaster cast of my shoulders.  It's the first time either of us have used plaster of Paris, so was slightly nervous about ending up in A&E needing to be cut out of it by an expert, but it's been remarkably successful (although seeing myself in the 'flesh' has made me realise how round-shouldered my posture is).  The process didn't take long, and even being cut free has left me unscarred (although minus a few hairs).  The cast is no work of art, but it looks satisfyingly professional and may tempt me at some point into something sculptural.

But back to current practicalities: the cast is part of a new project on the theme of Articulation for which I need to make "a structure to be worn on the body".  I have an idea in my head (hasn't yet made it to paper, let alone the real world) of an asymmetrical piece of jewellery/body adornment which stretches from my neck over one shoulder, made of jointed pieces of not-quite-sure-what.  Whatever material I decide to use, I was thinking I needed something to fit the adornment around whilst I'm making it, hence using OH's suggestion of the plaster cast.  Seems quite a lot of effort for a glorified tailor's dummy, but it beats watching Sunday afternoon TV.

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