Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Quality quilts

photo from embroidersguild.com
Visited the Quilt Museum and Gallery in York for the first time at the weekend.  Apparently it opened in 2008, so is fairly recent and whilst a small space, is in a lovely timbered 15th century guildhall which definitely adds to the experience.  And the warm Yorkshire welcome goes without saying.

They are currently curating an embroidery exhibition and this piece, Pagoda 1 by Lara Carter was my favourite.  It's huge, probably 8 feet high, wider at the top than the bottom and was displayed so that it hangs in luxuriant folds.  I love the way the delicate colours merge into each other and create such substantial but mystical buildings.

There were also (unsurprisingly) quilts on display, some of them dating from the WWII era and embracing the tradition of re-using fabric from the family's wardrobes to create something both practical and beautiful.

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  1. Oo lovely, I feel another trip up North coming on...