Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Devon surfer

I went to a Janet Bolton workshop last month which was excellent - I like her stuff (particularly this deer picture, having seen it in the flesh) and it was a very inspirational day.  She is a very warm teacher, full of encouragement and also useful ideas.

My aim was to make a piece based around surfers, for my OH's niece.  As ever the vision in my head of what the picture would look like doesn't match the outcome, but I had fun doing it.  Surfers plural got downgraded to surfer singular: this is the nth iteration of said surfer and I'm still not particularly happy with it, but sometimes it's just time to call it a day.  I do, however, like having lots of different textures/patterns in the work, particularly the idea of including 3D objects (not sure if it's obvious from the photo, but the shell, fish and ring/star thing are all 3D).

Hopefully, given that one entry on a particularly long Christmas list was 'things for her bedroom wall', this will get past the hanging committee.

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  1. Lucky her! It's very cool, also big respect for finishing Christmas craft pre-Christmas, which I am not good at