Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Today is day 2 of college Christmas holiday and, having an aversion to leaving things to the last minute, I thought I'd best get started on some homework.  Apparently next term we'll be doing installation art, so the task was to go to some galleries and see what's out there.  I struggle a bit with installation, it rarely seems to mean much to me, but I'm hoping that's just because I don't understand it.  

Richard Wentworth: Three Guesses (photo: Whitechapel Gallery

First stop was High Society at the Wellcome Trust which charts the history of mind-altering substances, both from a historical and medical as well as artistic point of view (it ticked the installation box with a work from Joshua White and Seth Kirby).   This was followed by various exhibits at the Whitechapel Gallery, including the image by Richard Wentworth which I like for the tactile string/wool/thread.  A couple of stops on London Transport's 205 took me to Rachel Kneebone at White Cube (I was intrigued by the texture of her work, it is porcelain but appears part plastic, part rubber, the subject however was all a bit overtly phallic for me) and I finished with a spur of the moment stop at Reverting to Type at Standpoint Gallery (have to confess liked this last one best: a room full of beautifully presented typefaces is much more my thing).
Photo: Standpoint Gallery

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  1. I am really jealous you've seen Reverting to Type - it was the proposed destination for the cancelled London trip on the day that reality bit and revision took over. I'm glad it was as good as it looks