Friday, 3 December 2010

Skinny dog

I've finally fulfilled a promise from quite a while ago: to make my sister a sausage dog draught excluder.
So, here she is (she seems female to me, largely down to the eyelashes and the pink inner ears, but the naming is up to sis, and she may have a different view). 

Whatever she ends up being called, hopefully she'll keep those draughts out while she sleeps.


  1. I love skinny dog, I think we should keep her! I think it is the eye lashes.

  2. Hmm, I think the Ooop Norf branch of the family has a greater need for her.

  3. Yep

    The oop norf part of the family loves her already; although those eyelashes are more drag queen than girl.

    and it's bloody baltic so she is required mr spiky obsession and we need to spread the love for titchy stitchers genius too.

  4. It's ace, could you make another to keep Dahn Sarf?

  5. Btw our inelegant solution to the same problem is a door curtain that hangs saggily all winter and makes people assume we're students. I'd make something similar except that we'd need 4, one for each door edge

  6. Britsis: Hope she arrives soon to keep that cold out.

    Oxslip: there's nothing wrong with being a student!