Sunday, 19 December 2010


It's snowy outside so an afternoon of baking seemed called for, and here is one of the products.  For all that gingerbread figures are traditionally meant to be hung from Christmas trees, I don't think I know anyone who used to do that as a kid (quite possibly because we all preferred gaudily-wrapped Cadbury's chocolate tree decorations).  But, in part prompted by the Guardian's quest for the perfect gingerbread recipe, I thought I'd go all retro.


  1. I like it, especially the orange icing. Very plump and pleasing ginger lady

    Did you use the Guardian recipe and does it taste OK? We watched the River Cottage Christmas special and Hugh sent his crack bakers off to enter a gingerbread house comp. They made a good enough house, but with such spartan decoration that it was a bit pitiful really

  2. Old school rocks! And I can vouch that the ginger is lovely, they will be lucky to last until christmas!

  3. Yes, did use the Guardian recipe, although didn't have ground cloves so added a bit more of all of the rest. I think it could have done with a touch more ginger (although I didn't add the crystalised ginger as they suggested - wasn't sure if the figures would look lumpy, although in the Guardian photo they don't). They have a good texture, not too hard (presumably the egg) although maybe slightly over-buttery. I'd def use it again, and Spiky O has managed to eat pretty well all of them so something must have been right. (I'll confess that the icing is red, just looks orange in the photo.)

    And just been on the RC website and the house there is apparently a replica of River Cotage HQ, whereas my feeling is that they should look like something out of Hansel and Gretel (with the exception of the witch). Have promised two gingerbread houses this Christmas so will post photos when they're done.