Saturday, 7 May 2011


Just got back from Collect, a Craft Council exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery.  Have to say, I wasn't particularly expecting much, and did think that 15 quid entry was a bit hefty, but it was fantastic. 

10 different galleries of all forms of craft, a lot of it inspiring and exciting (although a little lacking on the textile front, I thought).  Pictured (slightly blurrily, as it was taken through glass in lowish light) is a work called Bubble Bath by Nora Fok.  This piece is knitted in nylon (presumably invisible thread?), using marbles to shape the spheres.  It has a beautiful, other-worldly quality.

Collect is only a 4-day exhibition, but apparently it's an annual event, so I'll be putting the date in my diary for next year.


  1. I went with the same expectations and the same outcome - I particularly liked Jennifer Lee's ceramics. And the gallery space itself is perfect.

  2. Must have missed Jennifer Lee's stuff so just googled her and they're gorgeous pieces - feel like they came straight off the beach.