Sunday, 22 May 2011

Hidden treasures

As part of my current art project (which I'm sure I'll blog about a whole lot more over the next few weeks) I've been looking at how objects can be hidden or obscured.

Whilst out and about recently I passed this door: I'd call it a gate but it seems too solid and important for that.  In my imagination it's hiding a garden of immense beauty, populated with Elizabethan ladies plotting intrigues and dropping handkerchiefs for their suitors to find.  I was particularly taken with the grille, through which I'm sure there have been all sorts of billet doux and illicit messages passed, not to mention unwelcome callers who've had the hatch slammed in their face.

Disappointingly, in between first spotting the door and returning to photograph it, the grille had morphed from the circular one in my memory to a slightly more run-of-the-mill square version.

It's still impressive, though.

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