Monday, 23 May 2011

Leaf skeleton

More college project stuff - have lost count on the number of rethinks I've had, so this is yet another new direction.

I absolutely love this leaf skeleton.  It was on the pavement near home last November whilst out walking the dog in torrential rain.  I spotted it on the way out and left it on the corner of someone's drive, not imagining that it would survive the rain, nor that I'd remember that I'd left it, but both miraculously happened and, even more surprisingly, it's still intact six months later.


  1. Beautiful. And cool it's still there, but really strange it didn't get blown away, or snuffled by a dog. How are yo ugoing to use it?

  2. Ooh, blogger is driving me mad at the moment, this is attempt #3 to post a comment!

    What I was trying to post was that I'm really not sure how I want to use it - am trying to find a way of capturing the delicate laciness and the feelings of melancholy without directly referencing leaves. This art stuff is tougher than it looks!

  3. Blogger keeps breaking, it's annoying, but keep trying to tell myself at least I'm not having to write code so it's not that bad...
    I think I get what you mean - a bit Miss Haversham without the cobwebs. no idea how you do that, but I reckon you'll do it well whatever you come up with